November 13, 2006

Monday Morning

I don't have too much to say but I figure I'd better say SOMEthing! :-) Went this past weekend to DH's Grandma's house. She's 87 and I am afraid won't last much longer. It was good to see her and show off the newest grandchild, but at the same time it was sad to see her in such poor condition. Gettin' old sux man.

No new crafty things to report. I am in desperate need to start Christmas shopping and plans. I would like to make some candles for the family, but we shall see if that actually comes to be or is just wishful thinking! LOL I wish I had my friends around, we used to motivate each other to do that kind of thing.

I just got a call from the hospital scheduling a pre-op for my tubal ligation. Ugh I am not looking forward to it. Personally, I wouldn't mind trying for one more, but I know DH wouldn't hear of having another baby sniff sniff. So with everything he's gone through with OIFII and other things, I decided I'd rather get snipped. So please keep me in your prayers on the 28th!

November 09, 2006

Halloween and other stuff

So I know everyone is dying to see pix of my growing kiddos so here they are! Here are some pix of the pumpkins I carved this year. I found patterns on the internet and my personal fav is SpongeBob!

Here are the kiddos in their costumes: DD#1 is Elina from Barbie Fairytopia, DD#2 is a pink pixie, DS is a dragon, and DD#3 is a bunny!

Before Halloween I took them to a pumpkin patch which was a lot of fun! There was plenty of candy to be had, a small hay bale maze and a big corn maze (we tried it but only lasted 40 minutes before the kids were tired!) games to play,and pumpkin painting!

And one more pic of my littlest princess. I was trying to get a smile and she finally graced me with a hint of one, so enjoy!

October 14, 2006

Bubbah turns 2!

Wow my little man is not a baby anymore. (sniff sniff). I can't believe he's 2 already, it seems like yesterday he was so tiny and small. I look at our newest daughter and am blown away by how much she's changed already and I treasure her being small because I know it doesn't last.

We had a construction themed party because he's all into big trucks and machines. I ordered a cake from wally World and put a few toys on there for decorations...

We invited one other family that moved with us from Germany here. They have a 4 yr old daughter and a (almost) 1 yr old son. So the girls had a playmate and they played outside mostly all day. Bubbah and his friend played inside together for awhile and I had DH BBQ some hotdogs and burgers. Of course we served all of Bubbah's favs: hot dogs, grapes and bananas, chips, BBQ beans, deviled eggs, and punch.

Then time to open presents (Bubbah had already messed his shirt so that's why he's topless lol). He got lot's of car-type toys: a remote control car, a music and sounds tractor, some mega-bloks cars, some spiderman utensils, and a Bat Man cape.

And one final shot....the picture every Mom and dad treasure! The cake/ice cream face!!!!

October 06, 2006

Me again :-)

Busy busy busy is the life of a Mom of 4! I hardly have time to sit down and breathe let alone update this thing. But I figured I had a spare minute sitting here snapping shots of our newest princess. She's such a doll and so sweet (I'm partial though I know!)

We've had a bad bought of janudice with her the past week or so. It was almost high enough for the doc to re-admit her to do some bili-light treatments. But modern technology prevails and they had a portable bili-light called a "bili-blanket" which was a big pad that was strapped to either Gwen's front or back and it lit up just as brightly as the hospital bili-lights. So with that and getting a heel poke everyday to test her blood she FINALLY is back down to an acceptable level. But on the last time she had her heel poked they put a pressure bandage on her foot. By the time I got the bandage off it had caused her foot to swell up and turn purple and the bandage was so tight that it cut into her skin and bruised the top of her foot pretty badly. My poor baby I felt just aweful that that happened to her.

apparently, its a really big deal that this happened to her because the supervisor of the lab came and took pictures of her foot and reported it to the Commander of the hospital. So that lab tech that did this to my baby is in real trouble. At least this won't happen to any other baby there. They aren't supposed to EVER put pressure bandages on newborns, they are just supposed to hold some gauze on it until it stops bleeding.

She had her 2 week well-baby after that all occured and everything is alright. The doc wants me to give her a little formula ontop of breast-feeding because she feels that Gwen isn't gaining enough weight. I am just going to try to nurse more frequently and then when she get's a re-check next week, we'll see. If she's still not gaining then I will suppliment a little. She may just be like DH and I and on the thin side naturally.

Here;s a few shots of her sleeping in her bouncey seat....too cute!

September 24, 2006

Gwendolynn Autumn is here!

I don't have time to post a formal birth story but I will get to writing that soon! I just wanted to let all of my adoring fans know that I finally have my little girl! She was born 20 Sept at 9:19 pm and stats were 8 lbs 11 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Her APGARS were 9 and 9! She's the joy of all our lives, a sweet baby who hardly cries and sleeps A LOT! Good thing too as I can get a few things done during her power naps!

Anyway I have to go to the commissary (aka on post grocery store) but here are a few pics of my newest little one!

This is me moments before I started pushing....a last belly shot (I had an epidural so yeah I was smiling!) :-)

Here's baby Gwen at about 12 hours old. AWWW!

Here's my darling DH with DD#2 and Gwen

My ham of a son!

And DD #1

September 16, 2006

Almost Done

Sorry its been awhile since I posted last! I have been trying to get ready for baby #4!!

Let's the world of knitting I finished DD#1's felted slippers. She wanted them all purple so that was easy for me! Here they are:and here's the little princess posing LOL.

I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. I am getting induced Wednesday morning! We are excited and nervous to meet the little one. No longer a family of 5 but 6! Wow, I hope and pray God gives us A LOT of patience for 4 kiddos! But that's it, no more suprises as I am getting a tubal right after the birth!!!

On that note, since this is my last pregnancy, I want to remember and "cherish" my body remembering my fertile days. So here's a shot of my waistline. Can you read that measuring tape??

Yes, I am sporting a 42 inch waist!!! LOL WOW! :-)

And here's a wide shot of the whole package:

(don't mind the stylish outfit...I'm still in my pj's!!) Wow so all I can say is either there's a big'un in there or I managed to swallow a watermelon!! ;-)

My MIL is coming Tues night and staying a week to help out. My Mom is fliyng in Wednesday night for the birth. Although I am thinking she might miss it as I have to go in at 6am to be induced and she doesn't come in until 6 at night. :-( I was hoping she could be there...maybe God will torture me with an extremely looong labor or something (hope not!) and she'll be able to be there. Either way, at least I get to see my Ma and she can spend time with the newest grandchild.

I finally finished (well, mostly) the nursery/DD#2's room. I will try to get pix of that sometime this weekend. Man I have a lot to get accomplished and so little time! DD#1 was invited to 2 different b-day parties this weekend so I am shuttling her to those as well as doing some last-minute shopping and cleaning.

Anyway, speaking of that I'd better get going. TTFN

September 02, 2006


So one of my best friends, Allena made me a ton of cooooool gifts. Well, not for me but for the baby. So she put a card in there telling me to take pix as I opened it and here are a few...

Here are some cute red booties and a matching hat:

Here is some purple booties and matching sweater in a lavendar/white sparkly varigated yarn (sooo pretty!) :

Here's a crocheted baby blanket that matches the purple outift! It will be going with me to the hospital for when I take Gwendolynn home! Its soo soft and so pretty!!!

And finally a VERY cool home-made diaper bag! Its denim with striped material for pockets and accents. Too cute! Its huge too so it will come in handy toting 4 kids around!

Thanks soooooo Much Allena I LOVE all of it!!!

**Disclaimer---- I don't care if I look like crap I am 9 months pregnant darn it! LOL